Farm to (the kids!) Table

Every day, at The Seed, breakfast and snack are provided and included with your tuition fee. The food I cook is homemade, vegan (dairy and meat free), peanut free, and can be gluten free if requested (a small additional fee will apply), unprocessed, and when available will include fruits and vegetables from the garden.  We have apple, fig, banana, lemon, lime, and orange trees, as well as a large garden space that the children help tend. Meals will rotate weekly so that children attending part-time will have various meals. I ask that no parent bring outside food to our home. This will encourage your child to try new foods. I will serve your child the same foods I serve to my own, which are always organic. We eat “family style” for every meal and snack. Our water is pure alkaline water from the famous Carlsbad Mineral Spa. My family’s health as well as your child’s are extremely important to me!

Sample Menu:

Daily Breakfast will include (but is not limited to):

Oatmeal, cold cereals, a homemade baked good (banana bread, blueberry muffins, pancakes), fresh organic fruit, acai bowls and homemade granola, smoothies, green juices


Snacks will vary, including (but not limited to):

fresh baked snacks, crackers, homemade dip, fresh organic fruit, smoothies, raw bars, hummus, chia seed pudding, bean, rice and avocado burritos, “nutty” quinoa noodles and broccoli, avocado toast, homemade almond butter and jelly sandwiches, macaroni and cheese and lots more!


I love to cook, and I love menu suggestions, so please share with me your family favorites!



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