Welcome To Our Home


My name is Jeannine Brenner and I’m a native Leucadian. I’ve got 3 beautiful kiddos (Aaron, Murphy and Goldie!) and my husband is Gregg. While you likely won’t see any of the boys around the program, since they’re all out for work and school, they still are a big part of what we do here at The Seed School- preparing a home and program that is for your children and mine.

When I began this venture 8 years ago I couldn’t help viewing things from a parents’ perspective- it’s who I am first and foremost. I wanted to have a home that was warm, safe and comfortable for children to come to while away from their parents. My goal is for it to be a place to which your child LOVES, that is in turn, loving, nurturing, respectful, and filled with experiences that are natural- natural in terms of development, and natural in terms of the world we live in. I want this to be your child’s special place in the world.

I’ve called upon my past experiences in education to come up with a program and curriculum that epitomize what it is that I want my children to learn at this age, and what I believe is important for them to succeed in today’s world. As you read on, you’ll see that nature is the foundation of my home based preschool program. When we moved into our home I realized that this space was the perfect location for my concept of a nature based school.

Prior to leaving my career as a clinical social worker for my role as a mom, I was working in public and private schools as a child and family therapist. I’ve designed and facilitated various parent workshops about family issues that we all face when raising our young children, and worked in numerous areas of child welfare over the past 25 years. Working with children is absolutely my passion. I hope this passion is evident!

I appreciate the opportunity to get to know your family, and offer you a service that makes your life as a parent just a little bit easier, and your child’s life filled with more nature, friendship, freedom, laughter, love and simplicity.