Admissions and Forms

After our initial contact, if you decide you may be interested in discussing The Seed further, we will schedule a home visit at The Seed. This visit will be made during off-hours for the program, or on the weekend, so I can be fully available to answer your questions.

If we jointly agree that this program is a good fit for your child and family we will verbally agree to the terms of your contract. Below are the links (or I will provide a hard copy) of the forms required for entry into the seed. The forms for admission include:

□ Identification and Emergency Information (LIC 700)

Click here for form

□ Consent for Medical Treatment (LIC 627)

Click here for form

□ California School Immunization Record
(you provide your child’s immunization record, I record it on the blue card)

□ Consent/Verification for Nebulizer Care (LIC 9166-if applicable)

Click here for form

□ Contract

Once all the forms have been received, and we sign the contract we will schedule the first day. Payment for the first month and any outstanding days in the current month when participation begins will be due at the time the contract is signed. Payment will be due the first of the month, every month thereafter. Statements will be emailed notifying you of when payments are due